Sunday, 1 August 2010

AlphaBook Project: Day One!

Fanfare please...

Today, I have begun my novel-writing in earnest!  I set myself a target of writing 5,000 words a week from the 1st August.

Today, I wrote 1,194 words.

I had been thinking that I would write more than this today, it being a Sunday.  On reflection though, I'm happy enough with this - I've also spent a good deal of time today going through all my previous notes, plot charts etc for the novel, to make sure it's fresh.

Following a plan from a novel-writing book I love, I started by writing the climax.  I cried when I wrote it, which is hopefully a good sign!  I did this under strict 'Just keep writing until it's all down' rules.  Then I expanded it a little (adding a major detail I'd forgotten in the excitement), then saved it and left it alone.

Next, again following the plan, I wrote the midpoint.  This took a little head-scratching to figure out what the midpoint of the story was, but I think I found it! I applied the same write-until-you-drop approach to this also.

I know 1,194 words doesn't sound like much for two scenes, but they're both fairly brief, but very important encounters!  And no doubt they will get added to in due course.  Now, I have my climax to aim at, and my mid-point to pivot around.

From now on, it's writing from Chapter 1 to The End.  Bring it on.


  1. I think at least a little plotting is essential. I never counted my words though till I was done, instead I plotted out as many 'points' I wanted the characters to reach before the end and worked through those. I'm just not a numbers chick ;p

  2. Hi Nicole,

    You're right, some plotting is definitely necessary - for me, at least! I have summaries of what happens in each of my acts, and a more detailed list of plot points with POVs, key objects etc. I'll probably write a scene sequence for each Act before I dive in.

    You're very restrained not counting words until you're done! I need the increasing tally to spur me on...

  3. Well done AlphaChick! I think 1,194 is awesome and would certainly struggle to write so many words myself in one day. I knew about the climax before but never really knew about the concept of a mid-point before. That is very interesting, I might have to corner you in the tea room and ask you more about it!

    Well done!

  4. :-) Thanks Emm. So nice to have encouragement!

    Hopefully the tally will continue to climb steadily over the coming days, weeks, months....