Monday, 12 July 2010

AlphaThoughts - Dastardly Doubt and the desire to write

Being new to blogging, today I've been reading other blogs on fiction writing.  There are some fantastic blogs out there for budding authors like me, to garner some nuggets of information and inspiration from proper real-life writers.

But here's the thing.  These good writing blogs have hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of followers.  However great blogs are for getting writers in touch with other writers, for following their trials and tribulations, for not feeling alone in your struggles - it can also make you feel like a very small fish in a positively teeming ocean.  I'm not talking about lack of followers here, but about the huge numbers of unpublished writers waiting for their chance in the limelight.

Dastardly Doubt starts bleating again:
'All these people - they've been following these blogs longer than you.  They're probably a lot further on with their novels than you are.  Their ideas are probably way better than yours.  And loads of them will be submitting manuscripts alongside yours...if you ever finish it.  Yeah, good luck with that.'

Previously on this blog I have shared some ideas on tackling the internal editor, and I know this is just another manifestation of that interfering voice.  But in the face of 'Big world, little me' syndrome, it can be so hard to convince yourself that you can do it and to keep pushing.

I hope that if you are reading this and empathising with me - especially if you are embarking on a lonely creative journey like I am - you will stick around and share your experiences.  My AlphaBook Project is going to be really tough on me, and I'd love to hear from others out there trying to squeeze every last drop of creativity from their pens and pencils!


  1. I have full intention of 'sticking around'!
    I know how you feel re. lack of self-conviction and unending doubt. Perhaps it's my inflated sense of ego that allows me to happily continue writing, in the absence of followers, simply because I like writing so much! But also I try to convince myself that most of these blogs with 100s of followers have been going for years?

    Also I think every blog is different - I find yours frank, funny and encouraging, as well as practical in it's tips to overcome obstacles every writer experiences. So put that internal aeditor away and stick at it!!

  2. Just realised I never replied to this - thanks CiBi. Running scared of starting my Project now, so good to know you're sticking around to keep an eye on me!