Monday, 26 July 2010

AlphaBook Project - one week to go

So the AlphaBook project starts on Sunday - aka my attempt to stop faffing about and finally write my damn novel.

The prospect of this is now bringing me out in a cold sweat and making me feel the need to go and lie down.  No more procrastinating?  No more putting it off in case it's no good?  No more running scared??

But the pressure is positive.  I have put my intentions out there in cyber space, and I hope that reporting my progress to my very modest number of followers will keep me honest!  I'm crazy busy with various things this week, but will be finding some time to read through my preliminary notes, character sketches etc before it all kicks off on Sunday.  I have no doubt that the characters will go off doing their own things anyway, but at least they'll have a vague framework within which to misbehave.

I will also be clearing out my handbag, to make room for my little netbook to write on.  This project might even help me lose a pound or two lugging that thing about...

5,000 words a week here I come!  (Tremble)



  1. Good luck on your first novel! It's such a daunting thing, indeed, I know all too well. But I promise you it's worth it when you get to the end. I've completed my 4th novel now, and I don't keep writing them just because it's hard work and intimidating. There's magic that happens somwhere in that process.

    I found you from The Literary Lab. We're glad you found us and hope you return!

  2. Ooooh so you're beginning this Sunday? Good luck AlphaChick! I will know to go gentle when I see you looking rather weary of a morning!

    I think it is great that you have set a time and that you are keeping to it.

  3. Sorry for delayed replies - have gone down with a horrible flu bug and been mostly in bed, but not replying was bugging me so I've dragged myself to the computer for 10 minutes!

    Michelle: Thanks so much for your encouragement. I've been really enjoying everything on the Literary Lab and will definitely be returning. It's wonderful to find lots of like-minded people who are going/have gone through the same things I am. I will check out your blogs too!

    Emm: Yes, beginning this Sunday, provided I'm not still this crook. And yes, it's going to be a tiring time so you might well see me looking fried!