Sunday, 11 July 2010

AlphaLife – Please do not disturb the nest

AlphaBloke and I went to the garden centre yesterday, and came across a sign that read:

Please do not disturb the nest

This was hanging on the front of a wooden framed stand housing various plants for sale.  We peeped towards the back of the stand…

Baby black 1

They’re baby blackbirds, we think – two, and there’s not a lot of space left for them to grow into!  It was a hot day and they were panting somewhat.  You’ll have to excuse the quality of the pics, but I was trying not to get too close and disturb them.

Here is the nest in situ behind the plants for sale:

Baby black 3

And a close up of his little face:

Baby black 2

This was right in the middle of one of the busiest areas of the garden centre – only the parent birds know why they chose to nest here!  Fledging should be interesting…

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